Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm the writer from the block

I'm going through a sort of writer's block. I can write a stupid essay for class, but it seems that writing in such a generic manner with a particular format is hindering my creative abilities. I'm glad I'm taking creative writing next semester. That will be quite a relief.

I believe I first learned of this writer's block when I tried to write that bland sounding poem about the main character of Ham On Rye. If you look back to the blog that I mentioned writing about him, you'll see that I've edited that part. Now It doesn't say anything about writing a poem because the poem I tried to write was generic garbage. I'm a robot for college!

This is a shout out to Aaron! He's not my friend on this blog and he won't tell me his blog name, but I know he reads every one of my blogs.

I have a question for you all. How far do you think dreams go? Like how much of dreams are true or imagination? I've been having some really weird dreams. Only certain parts are really vivid. Some of them don't make any sense at all and others answer some of my questions in real life, but I don't know if my thoughts are just trying to give me what I want to hear, sort of humoring me.

I love the people that are becoming so close in my life lately. I can count them using less than two hands, but I like it that way.

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MJ said...

dreams have to be evaluated case by case. my friend's dog shot me with a gun the other night in a dream. and another night, in a dream, I was riding down the beach on a bicycle with a boy friend and was so completely happy. One of those dreams seems to make a lot more sense than the other one. there are main themes to dreams, or certain elements that stick out. I had one dream recently where I was walking on top of pomegranate trees for miles. Other things happened in that dream, but the thing that stuck out what the pomegranate trees, so that's what I consulted a dream dictionary on. Dreams can be interpreted one way by you, and another way by someone else, and you may find that the way someone else interpreted your dream, is actually more accurate. If you want to take meaning from the dreams, cuidado. Otherwise, enjoy the freedom you finally find in dreams.