Tuesday, March 10, 2009

maybe I turned it up so you would listen.

"I guess you know that I, uh,
love you so,
even though,
you don't want me no more,
hey, hey, hey, I'm cryin' tears,
all through the years,
I tell you like it is,
honey, love me if you can."

Perhaps my Freudian slip?

I long for moments like Sunday morning when we're laying in the grass and the leaves together with that certain comfortable silence that brings peace to my heart. It's as if time is frozen. I want to lay there forever.

I really wish I could grasp an understanding of this all. Why we can't be together? Why do you act so fickle towards me?

I'm so tired of cryin'! "I'm so tired of being alone!" I just want my baby back! I know you know how much I love you. I've never known anyone that projected so many emotions from me. It's truly unbelievable.